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VoiceFirst.Community (pronounced VoiceFirst DOT Community) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association with the purpose of identifying, and then advocating for, the shared interests and goals of those developing voice-first technology.
Recent developments have seen the rapid advancement of voice tech, opening the door for artificial intelligence and machine learning to progress rapidly.
We recognize the potential for such rapid growth to cause backlash. VoiceFirst.Community will strive to cultivate the conditions which allow for continued and sustained progress.
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Executive Board

Bradley Metrock, co-founder of VoiceFirst.Community, is CEO of Score Publishing, executive producer of the VoiceFirst Events series, and host of top tech podcast This Week In Voice.

Pete Erickson, co-founder of VoiceFirst.Community, is CEO of Modev and executive producer of the VOICE Summit, the world's largest voice event.

Jeff Adams is CEO of Cobalt Speech and Language, a technology company focused on cognitive computing. Jeff was the founding manager of the Alexa speech group and author of 21 Amazon patents.

Yaa Kumah-Crystal is Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Vanderbilt University, where she has led pioneering work in the application of voice tech and AI to modern digital healthcare.

Ron Croen is a partner in You & Mr. Jones, the world's first brandtech group. Ron was an original co-founder of Nuance Communications, running the company as CEO and later as Chairman of the Board.

Kesha Williams is an AWS Technical Instructor for A Cloud Guru and a regular speaker on the merits of technology in providing opportunities for women and minorities.

Bret Kinsella is editor and publisher of Voicebot.AI, the leading source of research, analysis, and news for the voice AI industry.

Harry Pappas is founder and CEO of the Intelligent Health Association, an organization committed to the advancement of modern healthcare through the adoption of technology and fostering of community.

Brian Roemmele coined the term "voice-first technology," and has written and spoken the last two decades on the concept. He consults for Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

He is Advisor Emeritus for VoiceFirst.Community, and will regularly advise the trade association on policy positions.


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